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We need security because of the mounting frequency of burglaries and home invasions which creates a climate of violence among honest citizens. To deal with this situation, more and more people are deciding to equip their property with surveillance systems. Some even use the services of security professionals to protect themselves from rampant insecurity. Although many private companies call themselves experts in security and surveillance, not all of them have the real skills and qualifications that this field requires.

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Why use a security company?

A company specializing in security and protection of people and property has specific skills and equipment for defense and security. It provides individuals and businesses (in all fields) with a variety of resources that help put their minds at ease on a daily basis.

Home security companies like IPS BODYGUARD have highly-qualified personnel who have been specifically trained in personal protection and surveillance. In addition to working directly with our clients, our staff can provide advice on surveillance for sites and companies.

As a certified company, we can offer a variety of services related to protection and security. We can meet any type of need: providing security guards or installing high-performance surveillance systems.

Our main concern is securing you and your property. In order to do so, make sure you take advantage of all the means at your disposal. These may include a video surveillance system, security for your home, villa or construction site, or industrial site security.

The security and protection sector is booming. This is mainly due to the events (attacks, terrorist attacks, social conflicts, etc.) that have taken place in a large number of cities (Paris, Nice, Cannes). For this reason, many new security companies are being established.

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How do you find a good security company?

Before choosing a security company, you need to take stock of your situation. If you have used a security company before, but were not really satisfied with their services, list the incidents that occurred. What are your potential risks? Also take a look at any critical or vulnerable aspects of your situation.

If this is the first time that you are using a security company, decide where and what kind of service you think you need.

What do you need to secure? Private property? A construction site? An industrial site? A company? The action plan is very different for each situation.

Share this information with IPS (who will keep it strictly confidential no matter your final decision), and we will analyze the situation together to provide you with solutions adapted to your needs. Do you need help with evaluating risks, potential threats, and vulnerabilities at your sites? No problem, IPS BODYGUARD is here to advise you. We will establish the procedures together, and then propose appropriate solutions (security guard, video surveillance system, bodyguard, alarm system, etc.).

Following our risk assessment, we will estimate a budget for all proposed services.

If you decide to use a security service, know that there are a variety of options to choose from. An expert security company such as IPS BODYGUARD will offer various services:

  • Home or property security
  • Property guarding
  • Construction site security.
  • Industrial site security

This company can also help you choose the human service that is best for you. IPS BODYGUARD offers personal protection services, security drivers, transport of valuables, and much more. We can provide you with the services of a security guard, bodyguard, or dog handler, depending on your needs.

If you prefer to use technology, we can also install a video surveillance, remote surveillance, or alarm system.

What budget are you willing to invest? What value do you place on your life or the lives of your loved ones or your employees? Your budget and the priority that you give to your security system will determine the level of protection at your site.

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How do you choose a property protection company?

If you want to choose the best security company to secure yourself and your property, it is best to proceed step by step. Remember that a security company guarantees you peace of mind. You must be able to entrust the security of all your belongings to this company without apprehension. Once you have established the type of service you are looking for, you will need to select the companies that best meet your requirements. Choose between these options by asking to speak directly to their managers.

These conversations will help you better gauge how professional the company is. Are they courteous? Do they listen? Do they have your best interests at heart?
Ask questions about the company’s reliability. Find out about their financial health. You should generally avoid dormant companies. How are their personnel and equipment? A company that belongs to a professional union is generally more reliable.

Note that security companies must meet certain requirements before they can operate. First, they must be insured. Second, they must have an administrative authorization from the CNAPS. Third, the manager must be in possession of an manager's accreditation also issued by the CNAPS. Which means that they have no criminal record. And finally, the company must commit to always complying with the legislation in force.

Why should you choose IPS BODYGUARD for security ?

IPS BODYGUARD is a reliable and professional company that offers protection services in France (Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, etc.), as well as internationally. We have offices in France in Vallauris, London, and Dakar. We provide a variety of services adapted to your needs. Whether you need property security, personal protection, event security, construction site security, industrial site security, or valuables transport, IPS can meet your needs.

We are a proactive and responsive company. We listen to our clients and are perfectly capable of meeting their expectations. We ensure our clients’ security with flexibility and professionalism (villa, property, home, and industrial site security).

We are a reliable property protection company made up of carefully recruited security guards. IPS BODYGUARD prioritizes ethics. It is a matter of honor for us that all of our guards comply with the legislation in force in the protection and security field. We also follow a strict and specific protocol to ensure the safety of our clients and their well-being, which guarantees that we always provide top quality services.

At IPS BODYGUARD, we are experts in discretion. To protect our customers’ security and the confidentiality of shared information, we require all employees (bodyguards and security guards) to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Each of us is committed to respecting this charter to avoid compromising the protection of people and locations under our surveillance.

In addition to our competent and highly qualified staff, we possess high-performance surveillance and protection equipment (communication radios, GPS, spy cameras, night vision goggles, frequency detectors, etc.). We even offer an explosives detection and missing person recovery service using specialized dogs.

We created an application with which we can track our guards in real time at their sites, events, and missions anywhere in the world!

This exclusive system is connected to the IPS control station and maintains perpetual communication between management and our guards on site. We monitor our guards and receive continual reports for each mission and location. All of our security guards must clock in and out using the application.

This technology allows us to recruit the best agents and bodyguards who have nothing to hide and can write reports. They know they are safe because they are always connected to IPS BODYGUARD’S security control station.

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Choose an IPS BODYGUARD security training program

In addition to our protection and security services, IPS BODYGUARD also provides security training in Senegal and abroad. We have training programs for personal protection, surveillance (surveillance and counter-surveillance), cybercrime, counter-terrorism, security driving, etc.

If you are the head of a company specializing in protection services, an NGO, a security guard, a bodyguard, or if you work in protection services in general, IPS BODYGUARD can provide you with training to improve your skills and performance. We have training programs that range from 3-day introductions to more complete programs that last 7 days or longer.

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