Cannes film festival

The Cannes Film Festival is the place to be in world cinema industry, all the important people, actors and actresses, directors meet for a dozen madness on the Côte d'Azur French Riviera.

The city is the host of the most beautiful glamorous evenings of cinema; the receptions organized by Chopard, Chanel, De Grisogono or even Vanity Fair and the no less famous AmFar evening for the benefit of the fight against AIDS attract people from all over the world. Dozens are organized every evening to promote their companies or brands.

It's good to live in Cannes and it's good to be seen and photographed during the festival. What could be more elegant than a woman who walk this legendary red carpet with high fashion dresses and sparkling jewels accompanied by these very elegant gentlemen dressed in these magnificent tuxedos.

This event attracts cameras and eyes from all over the world!

But there is a counterpart to all of this, a dark side that few people see, that only the victims see. Indeed, this sudden and violent attention attracts lusts, thefts, assaults, accidents and possibly terrorist attacks... The population being multiplied by 3 during this event (going from 70,000 to 200,000), there are 3 times more victims to rip off, villa to rob and people to attack.

It is for this reason that IPS BODYGUARD is mandated by these celebrities, actors and actresses who want to fully enjoy their stay in Cannes.

They entrust us with their personal protection, the security of their villas, the security of the events they organize as well as their transportation management with our security drivers.

Following the risk assessment carried out by IPS, we present a situation report and its countermeasures to the client in order to set up an optimum protection organization. Of course, this must fit to the budget allocated by the client for its personal security.

The deployment could simply be that the Principal is escorted by one bodyguard during his travels outside his residence or be composed of several complementary teams such as a protection team (2, 3 or 4 bodyguards) a Security Advance Party (1 or 2 agents), a convoy of vehicles (ideally 3 vehicles, lead, main, follow with security drivers), a residential security team (often between 1 and 5 agents ); all this could be accompanied by a surveillance and counter-surveillance team, a team of agents on motorcycles, a doctor, an air and or maritime evacuation team, but this is much more exceptional, let's say it.

Our role is to protect but above all to reassure the Principal by facilitating his movements, we can accomplish this to perfection because we have the local knowledge of the city and population. He/she will feel comfortable under surveillance but without us entering his/her privacy.

Our bodyguards know how to find their place with our clients, they adapt themselves to their way of life, their style, their entourage, their schedule.

You are coming to the Cannes Film Festival and want to fully enjoy your stay in complete safety, contact us!