IPS BODYGUARD & Cellule Scan in the fight against terrorism

IPS SCAN agents for real-time detection of suspicious behaviors

A SCAN agent is an agent trained to detect suspicious behaviors in real-time.

Anti-terrorism - Preventing theft and assault - Anticipating danger

  • He analyses
  • He spots
  • He detects behaviors
  • He prevents
  • He is additional asset to the teams already in place
  • He is reactive and adaptive.

SCAN trained agents have a much better understanding of nonverbal clues and their meaning ; they have developed a much more acute sense of observation and have a more precise interpretation of the signals identified during their missions. Therefore, they are able to recognize signs of threats more easily and respond accordingly.




At IPS BODYGUARD, we offer this very specific
and recognized additional service which allow us to prevent threats and attacks.

We can provide our customers with SCAN agents trained in real-time detection of threats by individuals, groups or crowds during events such as festivals, concerts, political rallies, demonstrations, etc.
These agents are specialists in non-verbal human behavior analysis and are therefore able to detect attitudes representing a potential safety risk.
They can be in the field in liaison with the on-site teams or behind cameras for real-time analysis.

These SCAN agents are personally trained by Christine Gagnon. This renowned profiler more than 15 years of expertise in behavioral and non-verbal communication analysis for interrogation, interview methods and linguistic markers. She is, so far, one of the only expert and trainer to impart an in-depth learning of predictive profiling for security.