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These training sessions are designed to be accessible to everyone, without any specific prerequisites, and can be adapted to different levels of knowledge and needs. Get affordable, personalized and customized advice from a reputable company director.


The private security industry, for people who work in it or wish to work in it:

  • Navigating your professional future in private security, if you are unsure of all aspects of the job, its pros and cons.
  • Understanding why our team did not recruit you and how to increase your chances of being hired, whether by IPS or another security agency.
  • Knowing the requirements of the profession, positioning yourself in the industry, and developing your skills by working on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Developing your security culture.
  • Acquiring skills to work in a team and optimize your performance.
  • Satisfying your employer and becoming indispensable.
  • Working internationally, traveling, Security Advance Party role, working with different cultures security details.
  • Debriefing with me on situations you have encountered and may not have handled well, and knowing how I would have reacted to those situations (which I may have already encountered).

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People who wish to develop their general security culture and preparing for a trip abroad or an expatriation:

  • Enhance your security skills.
  • Preparing for a trip or relocation by sharing my experience and advice, as I am a frequent traveler and expatriate myself.
  • Raising awareness of risks related to cybercrime, computers, and telephony.
  • Raising awareness of the use of foreign banking systems, including money transactions, credit card usage, and general banking services.
  • Raising awareness about regulations and administrative formalities required for traveling or relocating abroad.
  • Raising awareness of overall security while traveling, including personal protection and property security.
  • Advising you on human relations abroad, including intercultural communication and how to adapt to local norms and practices.
  • Assisting you in observing, analyzing risks, and managing behavior in the face of a threat.
  • Raising awareness of terrorism, its modus operandi, countermeasures, and potential consequences.

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Clients' testimonals



Jul 21, 2023

Personal consulting

IPS BODYGUARD provided exceptional career guidance in the private security industry. Their personalized approach, industry expertise, and ongoing support made a significant impact on my job search. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking success in this field.

Elmin Silajdzic

Apr 4, 2024


Laurent is a very responsive man and knowledgeable in his field. He is friendly, honest, genuine and ready to answer any questions. I reccommend Laurent for those who want professional advice.

My name is Laurent DEQUATREMARD, and I am the founder and CEO of IPS Group. With 27 years of experience in the private security industry, I have worked on four of the five continents, providing protection for celebrities, dignitaries, leaders, and their families.

You can rely on my honesty and integrity to obtain personalized advice that takes into account the reality on the ground and is based on real-world feedback.

Get customized advice from me in the following areas:

1. The private security industry, for people who work in it or wish to work in it.
2. People who wish to develop their general security culture.
3. People who are preparing for a trip abroad or an expatriation.

We have created a training program for security agents (and other interested individuals) that can increase their chances by 70% of being recruited by an employer.

We also provide corporate training to NGOs or multinational companies that will help you develop a culture of safety in your daily life or during your travels and trips abroad, especially in hostile or remote areas.

You can benefit from personalized and tailored advice at an affordable price.