Private security and close protection company

Bodyguard, property guarding and event security

IPS BODYGUARD is a protection, safety, and private security agency with offices based in Antibes/Cannes, France along the French Riviera in London, United Kingdom and in Dakar, Senegal.

We specialize in the areas of close protection, property and home security and event security.

Over the years we have extended our services with a certain expertise in the following sectors :

Risk assessment and security audit as well as analysis of economic markets in more than 180 countries.

Fight against terrorism, prevention of theft and aggression, anticipation of danger by SCAN agents trained in the detection of suspicious behavior in real-time.

Detection of explosives or search for narcotics through our specialized dogs.

International training :
- HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training.
- First aid in remote areas.
- Cybersecurity.

Connected monitoring systems

We also work with experts in the following areas:
- video surveillance and alarm system solutions,
- temporary installation of fully autonomous anti-intrusion systems (for houses, apartments, cars, boats, hotel rooms, safe ...),
- detection of micro dusting spies (GPS beacon, micro-transmitters, miniature cameras, microphone…)

We can track your phone and give you a discreet panic button to be fully connected with your protective team.

Your security agency par excellence

In addition, with IPS BODYGUARD you will enjoy the flexibility and responsiveness of a Small and Medium Enterprise in the service of VIPs and leaders.

Our officers are carefully recruited, they must comply with the ethics and meet the protocols of the company IPS BODYGUARD, which, combined with their personal experiences allow us to ensure high quality services. IPS will care about your personal protection, the one of your image, of your loved ones as well as the security of your belongings.

Furthermore, our security officers and bodyguards sign a confidentiality agreement upon joining IPS BODYGUARD, enabling us to ensure the protection of sensitive customers and those with high media exposure.

Personal concierge service

Our local and international connections allow us to organize your trips, whether planned in advance or at the last minute, in limousine – helicopter – private jet – boat… and offer you the choices of villas, yachts, or hotels for your stay in Europe and more specifically in France.