I am Laurent DEQUATREMARD, the founder of IPS BODYGUARD. I built this group by emphasizing my personal values such as excellence, reliability, trust, integrity, and honesty.

I created Mister100percent to offer a unique solution to the world, an exceptional and exclusive service, based on excellence, precision, trust, discretion, and confidentiality.

Your total satisfaction is my commitment to our collaboration. With my 25 years of experience working with demanding clients worldwide, I offer you my values and skills.

I am the eyes and ears that represent you in your absence, your essential intermediary, working outside your organizational chart. I am the trusted person that one chooses to take care of their children or to ensure the proper execution of a job, even on the other side of the world.

I offer a satisfaction guarantee or your money back for every service I provide!

Find an overview of our services below or access to mister100percent.com


In hand delivery

I offer a personalized delivery service where I retrieve important documents, packages, invitations, or messages and hand-deliver them to the intended recipient.

Valuable transportation

I provide a secure delivery service for valuable items where I personally collect and deliver them to the intended recipient. In cases where crossing borders is involved, I may employ a team to ensure safe transportation. .

Personal security for your loved ones

I provide personal security services to minimize risk and prevent harm to your loved ones. I will assess your needs and set up protocols to ensure you and them safety and serenity.

Exclusive private events guest screening

I provide exclusive private events guest screening services to ensure that only invited guests are permitted entry. My team and I employ strict screening and security measures to reduce the risk of unauthorized entry to zero.


As an impartial and trustworthy advisor, I offer impartial advice and a personal perspective on specific topics without making any judgments. My focus is always on serving your best interests.


As a mediator, I provide unbiased and neutral assistance to facilitate the discovery of a mutually acceptable resolution, while maintaining confidentiality and impartiality throughout the mediation procedure.

Secure commercial transactions

I facilitate secure commercial transactions between buyers and sellers through a neutral third party, such as an escrow service.

Personal booking sevice & livestyle management

I offer customized support and personalized concierge services to assist with any requests you may have, such as finding luxury properties, arranging private transportation, renting or purchasing yachts, and more. These premium services are available only for existing clients or by membership, and I can assist you throughout the rental or buying process.

Oversee your projects and operations

I can oversee your projects and operations, providing on-site representation and ensuring that you are kept informed of everything happening on the ground. I am 100% devoted to you and your needs.