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Our bespoke services

IPS BODYGUARD puts its skills and know-how at your disposal by offering you the following services: event security, security drivers and SCAN Agent, CCTV and alarm, security training courses, rental and sale of armored vehicles.

We assess the risks and organize the logistics of your international trips (human and material) until their final destination. Our teams can travel around the world and also work with our local partners.
We can recruit and train your teams on site (your security squad but also your staff or employees)

With IPS BODYGUARD you opt for quality service made in Europe anywhere in the world.

Event security

Weddings, anniversaries, brand promotions, fashion shows, restaurant openings, and concerts are some of the events IPS BODYGUARD provides security, screening, and reception for...

Security driver

If you want to enjoy the services of our drivers trained in counter surveillance and anti–kidnapping techniques, drivers who know how to react and make wise decisions in an emergency,...

Scan Agents

SCAN trained agents have a much better understanding of non-verbal communication and what it means; they have developed a much more acute sense of observation,...

CCTV and Alarms

f you have no alarm or CCTV in your home, in your shop, or in your offices, and you would like to assure yourself that your children are back from school safe and sound, to have your vehicle fleet under surveillance...

Training Courses

We train NGOs and multinationals’ members located in complex areas.
We support expatriates in their daily lives when settling in countries with a different culture and a daily insecurity...

Personal protection

Professional, diplomatics, discreet, polite and well-educated, loyal and righteousness, our close protection officers will fit to your lifestyle with perfection. With IPS BODYGUARD,...

Risk assessment

IPS BODYGUARD is specialized in risk analysis and crisis management. We assess the exposure of our customers to safety and security risks...

Property guarding

If you want to secure your estate, your offices, or your construction sites because you also know all about the statistics*, IPS-BODYGUARD can help you keep your property under strict surveillance and have peace of mind whenever you are at home or outside...

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