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Personal protection and private security are important issues in today’s society. Hire a bodyguard, as attacks intensify and insecurity mounts: we strive to protect ourselves more and above all, better. This is why the private security company IPS Bodyguard, present in several major cities around the world, offers a personalized service for protecting people and property.

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At IPS Bodyguard, protecting people and property is what we do

When you hire a private company for security, the first priority is your personal safety. A bodyguard’s responsibility is to protect you, up to giving their life to save yours : Professional bodyguards for hire!

But the reality of the personal bodyguard profession is far from the glamor of Hollywood movies. It requires very specific skills, training, and exceptional vigilance.

Security services company's goals lie in protecting our clients, their loved ones, their children at school, and escorting them into hostile territory are regular jobs for bodyguards.

Bodyguards are trained in military, civilian, or police settings and are consummate professionals that are committed up to the ultimate sacrifice, their life for yours. They can also protect and escort you without being intrusive.

Each of our personal protection operatives is a professional. IPS guarantees that their morality, training, integrity, and skills are of the highest caliber. IPS also provides a security driver service. Our drivers are specifically trained in fast driving, evasive driving, and avoiding ambushes.
We have the skills to keep you safe discreetly on the road, both for daily transit and high-risk missions.
No matter if your mission requires media exposure or, on the contrary, absolute discretion, you will be in contact with top professionals in the field of personal protection.

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Event security requires a variety of skills

Security for, a private reception, walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, a conference on La Croisette, a gorgeous wedding, a professional reception, a yacht at a port on the French Riviera... we could list many more reasons why you would need a private security company.

For these types of events, you need to ensure your guests’ safety, sometimes in large numbers. This is a completely different approach than personal security with a bodyguard. You also need to manage the premises, secure the area from intrusion and malicious acts, and provide surveillance of your guests and their personal belongings.

Managing the premises, instant adaptation to the terrain, discretion or, on the contrary, visibility depending on the situation, only IPS Bodyguard’s professionals can provide you a service that matches exceptional events. Private, public, or professional events and celebrations, we do it all.

Our agents’ professionalism, experience, and knowledge of the field will ensure you optimal security.

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Does private security include guarding property?

It isn’t only people that need protection. Luxury goods, sensitive equipment, or a prestigious store also need highly-qualified surveillance and personal protection professionals.
This is why IPS Bodyguard also offers a security and surveillance service. Our top-of-the-line service includes measures that ensure impeccable security.

At IPS Bodyguard, we rely on the expertise of our trained guards and dog handlers. Whether you are on premises or on the other side of the world, we ensure optimal protection. In addition to the security checks made by our qualified guards, our technology can also ensures your security. We can even install a video surveillance system if necessary.
A video specialist verifies location consistency, manages surveillance, and detects faults to protect you from any unfortunate events. We can track our agents through the GPS on their phones using our IPS application and monitor their security checks and daily reports, see when they clock in and out, and monitor intranet communication between members of the group created for each site we protect.

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Personal protection is first and foremost about ethics

Specializing in security is not just a question of being a personal protection agent. It requires a set of skills that begins with ethics.
We guarantee a transparent commitment to the confidentiality of our clients and services, whether they want to be in the media spotlight or not, and the morality and dedication of our agents.

This industry also requires an understanding of technology. You must be able to manipulate a variety of devices that may seem straight out of the best spy films to someone on the outside. But they are part of the daily life of a private security company. We can organize a thorough security check wherever you go using, frequency detectors to detect GPS trackers, video surveillance, surveillance cameras or bugs.
With our reputation in the field of security at IPS Bodyguard, we also provide complete training programs and continuing education. Our training programs for all fields are taught by our experienced trainers. Our specialists can provide a training program adapted to your needs and field.

The security world can often seem obscure from the outside. The public fantasizes about the culture of secrecy, surveillance skills, and technology that we use. But behind these images, we are all seasoned professionals. From the army, police, or civilians, our agents have excellent self-control, exceptional skills, and are consummate professionals.
They can provide security for property, people, or premises. Within a crowd, controlling it, or avoiding it, discreetly or openly, our bodyguards, security drivers, and personal security specialists have methods and protocols to meet your exact protection and discretion needs. Now you know who to contact for your security needs.

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