The Bodyguard: the best ally to have by your side

Since the terrorist attacks, demand for close protection has increased even further. This rise in requests for protection is the main cause of market fragmentation, hence the proliferation of small independent structures.
The private security sector has become a hot topic around the world. The intensification of bombings and attacks are all reasons that push many people to call in a bodyguard. This is why the private security agency IPS Bodyguard offers you its tailor-made services in the protection of goods and people to face this growing insecurity.

What does the job of a bodyguard entail?

A bodyguard or close protection officer is the person you can call on in case of an urgent need for personal protection. Their services are often reserved for famous personalities, professionals and individuals.

They are, therefore, responsible for ensuring the protection of very important people like celebrities, businessmen or politicians in their home or during their travels. They can also be called to ensure the protection of property.

Acting alone or in a team, a bodyguard is very meticulous in everything they do, so as not to endanger the life of their client. If they work in the public sector, they are part of the Service de Protection de Hautes Personnalités (SPHP), attached to the Ministry of the Interior. In the private sector, they can be integrated into private security companies.

Their role is to measure with precision the gravity of the situation in which the people they protect find themselves, in order to find the right solution and the right materials. However, to find a serious and professional agent, it is advisable to hire a reliable private security company like IPS Bodyguard.>/p>

The areas of intervention of a bodyguard

There are many reasons why you might decide to hire a close protection officer. You may need to be escorted or just need to increase the security of your loved ones or your property. Indeed,a close protection officer’s mission  primarily consists of protecting you against the innumerable risks which can arise.

As their work presents some risks, the job requires a high level of professionalism as well as rigor in order to be operational at all times.

A bodyguard assumes full responsibility for ensuring the safety of their employer, their employer’s relatives or personal or professional property. They must ensure that their clients never find themselves in a serious situation so they can continue their professional activities quietly without worrying about their safety.

Following the approval of the police prefect, a close protection officer may have a firearm or a bulletproof vest fitted with lead plating in their possession to ensure the protection of their client. Aside from the protection of famous people, these agents also follow specific training relating to the detection of explosives.

While carrying out their duties, they follow a specific procedure and all this in total discretion, whether in the public or private sector. Indeed, in some agencies, professionals are rigorously selected in order to maintain personal information about their client.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Bodyguard

An experienced agent can provide protection for property and people. A personal security guard doesn't have to fight or beat anyone up , but they must assess the situation before taking action and taking you to safety.

A professional bodyguard has every right to use weapons properly. They may also be your private driver if you don't want to hire another person to drive you from A to B.

In general, their main objective is to ensure the close protection of the client. By presenting itself as a solution in the face of growing insecurity, personal security services are no longer just for the ultra-wealthy.

With their expertise, you will be protecting yourself effectively. In addition to ensuring the personal welfare of their client, they also take care of the implementation of security devices to prevent any risk of attack. For example: home and office security, entrance surveillance, etc.

It should be noted that this professional agent can intervene according to the client’s needs. They are able to escort you during your travels abroad. Their presence allows you to work and move around with confidence.

What is the salary of the bodyguard?

It is difficult to define a precise remuneration for a bodyguard but this is often based on the industry.

The salary of a bodyguard in the public sector

Bodyguards in the public sector occupy in particular the positions of police officers or soldiers of the gendarmerie. To be able to occupy the position of close security guard, they must reach a maximum of seniority of service. Their remuneration therefore corresponds to the salary scale of a police officer or a gendarme which depends on their seniority and their rank, to which bonuses specific to this specialty are added. Their salary generally varies between 2,000 and 3,500 euros per month.

The salary of a bodyguard in the private sector

It is this sector that professional close protection officers usually occupy. The vast majority of private sector bodyguards are employed by private security companies. Their function is to ensure the close protection objective and to inform themselves about the security measures to be taken.

Their compensation is accumulated with the remuneration paid each month linked to the hours worked, their specialization and their rank in the team. The minimum wage is on average 2,500 euros per month.

The highest remuneration

To achieve the highest salary in the close protection profession, it will certainly be necessary to work in the private sector.

Salaries vary according to the country in question, the availability required and the level of threat incurred by the client. Thus, the agent's remuneration can exceed up to 20,000 euros per month.

What training do you need to become a Bodyguard?

To be recruited by a specialized company, you must first pass several tests relating to VIP protection. After that, you still have to undergo continuous training to be able to offer a quality service. In addition, close protection officers must be in excellent physical and mental shape.

In the public sector, senior protection service agents (SDLP) are hired as civil servants from the police force.

To become a private security agent in the private sector, it is possible to be recruited without a specific diploma, provided you have extensive experience in a similar position and hold a professional card regarding the physical protection of people, issued by the Prefecture of Police.

However, some training courses confirm the seriousness of the candidate and are taken into account by recruiters. We can cite:

  • CAP APS (prevention and safety officer)
  • Technical prevention and safety officer, BP (professional certificate)
  • A3P certificate (private agent for the protection of persons)
  • Safety-prevention vocational baccalaureate paths

What are the career options?

The profession of a Bodyguard is sometimes a first job. They may be part of the army, police or security team. However, it offers good job prospects:

  • Civil servant: bodyguards have access to all public sector gateways. To earn higher ranks, you have to be trained and participate in complementary competitions.
  • Private employee: an experienced bodyguard leaves the field to take on managerial functions (team leader). They can also be restricted to a particular field, for example as a dog agent, money conveyor, remote surveillance operator, among others.

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