IPS Bodyguard: security and guarding company

Are you looking for a private security company to advise you, secure your property or keep you safe? Use IPS Bodyguard. With us, you can secure your events, your business, your home and your business premises. Who is IPS Bodyguard? What services does this security company offer? Why should you choose us?

IPS Bodyguard: Trusted Security Company

IPS Bodyguard is a private security and guarding company. We are based in Antibes / Cannes, London and Dakar. Our security company is committed to offering quality services to offer satisfaction to our customers with each of our services. Our work covers several areas:

  • Close protection with specialized and professional bodyguards;
  • Surveillance: villas, commercial premises, business premises, events;
  • Security guard;
  • Secure transport with our experienced drivers and armored vehicles.

Our mission is to offer tailored and consistent solutions to each of our customers. Before setting up the security systems, we carry out a security audit. This step allows us to define threats and set up optimal security for you and your property. Above all, this is necessary to prevent and manage risks by implementing our know-how.

All of our agents are fully qualified and well-experienced. They are able to intervene discreetly with diplomacy. The founder of the Mastro Defense System, Fred Mastro, honored us with his presence during a self-defense seminar IPS Bodyguard & Fred Mastro for our security teams. Our professional agents have seen different scenarios that can occur with our VIP clients.

When should you call on a security company like IPS Bodyguard?

Insecurity has steadily increased in recent years. If we only speak of cases of assault and battery, they have jumped by nearly 250% and burglaries fluctuate between 350,000 and 380,000 per year. Added to this are sexual assaults, which increased by 136%. There are contexts where calling on a security company is strongly recommended. In addition, make sure that they have a valid business card.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of situations and places requiring the protection of professional security agents:

  • Company evening with more than 50 guests;
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions;
  • Wedding, birthday party, private party with more than 50 guests;
  • Industrial sites;
  • Company offices where there are valuable materials;
  • Warehouses;

Our security company offers several services.

Securing events: seminars, conferences, parties or galas

When you organize an event, regardless of its size, you are responsible for the safety of the people participating. It is a tough task, but it is not insurmountable. Whether for weddings, birthdays, fashion shows, concerts, inaugurations or brand promotions, IPS Bodyguard can be there to offer its protection services.

We set up exterior perimeter security for unwanted people: journalists, uninvited guests, paparazzi, etc. In order to ensure that the event security is going well, we act discreetly with courtesy and elegance.

Our security agents carry out various missions at the event, ranging from filtering to the implementation of security devices. The number of security guards to be recruited varies depending on the size of the event. Each security guard has their own role depending on where they are deployed:

  • Entrance and exit agents monitor people coming in or out while managing jostling and clashes;
  • The security guards inside are responsible for the smooth running of the event and carry out rounds to detect the risk of fights, vandalism or theft;
  • Security guards outside monitor vehicles in the parking lot and patrol to prevent free riders.

Bodyguard and security driver: physical protection guaranteed

Our private security company specializes in physical protection and secure transport. We devote all our resources to putting the best possible close security protection program in place in order to protect our customers and their property.

You can call on IPS Bodyguard whether it is a one-off service or a long-term assignment. In addition, you have the choice between our wide range of services and can choose the one that is most suitable for your needs and your situation. There are several private security companies, but with IPS Bodyguard you are in good hands because we have the optimal knowledge to deal with the various current and emerging threats.

Our bodyguards are all professional, qualified and from multiple disciplines. They are able to maintain safe working environments so that clients can live and work in safety. In addition, they also meet all the requirements of current regulations.

For safe transport, IPS bodyguards act with extreme vigilance. All the vehicles used for our customers are all armored and of different types: Mercedes S Class or G 63 AMG, Range Rover Vogue ... In addition, agents and drivers are responsive and able to make the right decisions in case of emergency. All drivers have completed close protection training.

Securing Your Property, Offices and Guarding Security

In addition to all of this, IPS Bodyguard is also a private security guarding company. We also provide security guarding services, protection of goods and people by managing the flows and the proper functioning of the premises. We have several missions:

  • General surveillance of private property;
  • Fire safety and technical safety;
  • Assistance to people;
  • Protection and alert in case of accident or problems.

Get peace of mind and let us take care of your property. Also, with the insecurities of the modern world, it has become one of our core businesses. Apart from the services above, IPS Bodyguard offers a detection service for suspicious behavior in real-time through our scan agents.

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